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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What format and size will my Motion Overlay image or my Animated Image be delivered in? How do I use it?

Our Motion Overlay images and our Animated Images are sent as an MP4 (with a duration of 3–6 seconds) and as a GIF (continuous loop). MP4 files are sent with a maximum 1920 pixels for the longer side, the shorter side changes automatically according to the aspect ratio. So an image with an aspect ratio of 3:2 would have a resolution of 1920 x 1280 pixels. If you upload your picture in a smaller resolution, we will keep its size. Please keep in mind that cropping the image (which can be done immediately after the image is uploaded) will reduce the size. Our GIFs are sent with a longer side of 500 pixels. With an aspect ratio of 3:2 the resolution would be 500 x 333 pixels.

What is the difference between MP4 and GIF? Which format should I use and how do I use it?

An MP4 is capable of displaying over 16 million colors, but the file size can still be heavily compressed. There are many advantages to this. A GIF can display only 256 colors, which can result in visibly lower image quality. In addition, the file size is also many times larger than that of an MP4. This means that an MP4 should be used (whenever possible) over a GIF. When it comes to using your finished moving image (for example as a screensaver, Facebook profile video, digital picture frame), you can find out all you need to know in our How to Use guides. It will also help you to check which file type you should use, GIF or MP4.

I would like to use moving images for my company, which possibilities do I have?

The prices of the products offered on this page are inclusive of a license for private use. However, use within a commercial product is also possible (for example, a website to market your freelance work, the social media platform of your company, etc.). For this, a license upgrade is essential, which doubles the price. In order to do it, please send us an email after making your order at [email protected], with your order number, which you will have received in the subject line of the email of your order. We will then send you the invoice for the upgrade.

What do I need to know before I upload my image?

You can upload images between 500 and 8000 pixels in size to our platform. Images under 500 pixels are too small and will not be accepted. Uploading images of up to 8000 pixels in size is possible, please note, however, that the resulting file will be compressed to 1920 pixels. Only JPEG files are accepted, and they may not be larger than 20 MB.

How will I know when my moving image is ready, and how will it be sent to me?

Our Motion Overlay effect usually takes only a few seconds, maximum a few minutes before it is ready. An Animated Image will be created within 72 hours. As soon as your moving image or images are ready, you will receive an email at the address you used when registering. You will then find a download button next to your order under “Orders and Downloads” in your account.

Who animates the images when I order an Animated Image?

Our experienced professionals from the field of animations and post production create your Animated Image. We only work with experts who can guarantee excellent results, so you can expect this same level of quality when you order an Animated Image from Kataloop.